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Auto Racing Technik “Power-Up-Kit”

The AutoRacingTechnik “Power-Up-Kit” is a solid state electronic interceptor unit manufactured to European automotive OEM standards. Its function is to make use of the vehicles existing sensors and actuators to increase response, power and torque output, while maintaining the factory OE engine management function and originality.

This product has been designed and built to exacting standards, to provide a performance few others can compare with. Kits are available for Mercedes-Benz, Audi, BMW and Volkswagen.

The installation is straight forward and unintimidating, no special tools are required, no intricate instructions that only a trained technician can follow. Installation takes approximately 5 minutes, and once in motion, the response is immediately noticeable. Both power/torque gain through the mid-rpm range is improved. If required removal is just as simple, and the vehicle is returned to its original form, no cut & rejoined wiring, no soldered wires, no electrical tape, no unsightly drilled holes in the body work. Just the way it was, 100% stock.

Unlike cheaper products on the market, the AutoRacingTechnik “Power-Up-Kit” is far more resistant than its competitors. The control unit is encased in a robust crush resistant aluminium skin that is resin filled. This gives complete protection from electromagnetic interference that may cause false signals. Both shock and heat resistance is unquestionable when compared to the cheaper plastic housed competition. All wiring is of the highest quality, and is further protected by an OE quality nylon sheath that is shrink wrapped at all ends. OE quality connectors and plugs complete the package for an unmistakable quality product.

Distribution - Due to the low production numbers and the very high demand, the AutoRacingTechnik “Power-Up-Kit” is only sold through specific appointed dealers and distributors throughout Asia. Dealers will be offered limited numbers of this product based on a first-come-first–served basis. A wholesale price is available on request to dealers and distributors, and discounts are volume based on a sliding scale. Prices may change without prior notice.

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